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Natsuko Uchino —

RURAL supplement,
Limousin special (on the Diagonal of Emptiness)

— A subjective cartography by the artist Natsuko Uchino, as a testament to the identity and rural dynamic particular to the Limousin region, which brings to light  transdisciplinary projects, mixing culture, ecology, solidarity economy and civic engagement. The song and the videos below accompany the map published by Natsuko Uchino in the journal.

Regional federation of initiative centers to encourage agriculture and the rural milieu.


















































































































The Farm by PPL (Portron Portron Lopez / Anne Horel)
The shepherds from the Landes (French region) / folkloric dance: these vanished agricultural practice, became obsolete since the logging industry arrived in the region, draining the Landes’ water supply and overrunning the meadows. Video © Julie-Lou Dubreuilh (Les Bergers Urbains/association Clinamen)
Sculpture lesson in pig skin/chicarrones demonstration © Natsuko Uchino
Chickens airing the garden dirt with their babies © Natsuko Uchino
Pig’s life © Natsuko Uchino
Vegetable garden © Natsuko Uchino
natsuko uchino