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Adel Ghezal et Sophie Lamm —


— Meeting and collaboration between two artists, based on a desire to extricate themselves from Paris, from the city…from the art world. Three sound proposals by Adel Ghezal and Sophie Lamm in relationship
to their contribution to the journal. Concorde and Concorde 2 were specially conceived for this issue.
These contributions were not translated to English.

By Sophie Lamm and Adel Ghezal. Reading of C'est reparti mon Paris! 
(Here we go again, my Paris!) (text by Sophie Lamm) and Lettre à Paris - France (Letter to Paris - France) (text by Adel Ghezal), accompanied by excerpts from
Une Partie de campagne (A Country Excursion)
by Jean Renoir.

Concorde 2, 2015.
By Sophie Lamm and Adel Ghezal. Reading of the newspaper Libération Weekend from March 7th and 8th 2015 by Adel Ghezal imitating someone suffering from Alzheimer’s, accompanied by clay whistles created by Sophie Lamm, over music
by Ethel Waters The Chronological Classics, vol. 796 (1921- 1923).

Maria’s Ranch,
Musical map phonoscope. Lyrics: Jacques Larue.
Music: Mascheroni and Panzeri. Performed by: Pierre Malar.